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Learn About Our Honors Program

"I enjoyed the ability to get in deep with one particular problem, understand it, and create something out of it that was my own".

The Stanford Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) invites undergraduate students from all majors to apply for admission to its Honors Program. Since the program was launched in 1978, STS honors students have carried out a variety of innovative research projects that address the intersection of science, technology and society. Not only do honors students become experts in a specialized field of interest, but the honors designation signifies intellectual independence, analytical rigor, organizational skills, discipline, and perseverance. These skills and attributes are broadly applicable beyond the specific area of expertise, and serve individuals well after graduation. STS honors students have capitalized on their projects as a springboard for graduate studies and for careers in fields such as information technology, entrepreneurship, finance, public policy, media, education, law, medicine and the nonprofit sector.

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